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JamJar Studio is all about the warm fuzzies.



We began because we’re just like you. We have the same desires and needs; we want to spend time with family cherishing old memories and making new ones. But life keeps getting in the way.


So we decided to be a part of the solution.

Simply put:  we will professionally take care of your cherished memories like they are our own.


Like George and Gracie, Cheech and Chong, Kermit and Miss Piggy, our varied, yet similar talents create an unusually fun environment and a professional product, born of 30 years experience in the photography, audio and video fields.


Laurie Copeland

Fun Maestro

Laurie is the Heart behind the JamJar. She is an author, and the writer of our soon-to-be blog entitled, “Preserving Sweet Memories”. She's also the driving force behind our marketing and social media connections. For 10 years, she taught others how to preserve their memories and has a natural talent for photography layout, design and composition. She taught drama for years and has an extensive collection of creative, tickle-your-funny bone photo booth props. Her effervescent personality puts anyone at ease.

John Copeland

Tech Head

John is the Tech behind the JamJar. He started studying photography at 12 years old and has copious experience in developing and processing photos. Since then, he has worked in broadcast, video production and photography for the past 29 years. He has been the co-owner of a digital media company for 12 years, producing projects for Fortune 500 companies. Don't let the gray hair fool you... John is sought after for his knowledge in digital media technology and his vast experience in the analog to digital media transition will serve you well. You can trust your photos and videos to his professional care and expertise.

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digital media production

VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8 and MiniDV tapes to DVD and/or digital file for playback on your television, computer, tablet and smartphone.

Can you hear it? It's the clock ticking. With every year that flies by, our old video tapes continue to deteriorate, eventually becoming unviewable. Video tapes are vulnerable to damage or total loss due to heat, humidity, water, fire, improper storage or even just time.


We're just like you.  We put off transferring our tapes for years while they quietly deteriorated.  Our young adult daughter had never seen the dozens of videos we took of her childhood because we hadn’t transferred them to a viewable format. Now, we can laugh together as we skip down memory lane watching the videos... and help you, too! We also transfer slides.


DVDs - If you're the tactile type and like to hug your physical media we can transfer your cherished memories onto DVD.


Digital files are the least likely to be lost.  They are instantly accessible and easily kept on your computer, tablet and smartphone.  They can be backed up to accessible, affordable and multiple storage locations (external drive, cloud service or another computer). The digital files we create will be viable for many years to come, thanks to the easy access and the affordability of today's storage solutions. Files may also be quickly shared with friends and family over the Internet. If any of this Geek Speak confuses you, we'd be happy to talk with you.


Why would I consider getting both DVDs and digital files? Laurie is a tactile type who enjoys holding something in her hands, but John likes the ease and ubiquity of digital files. So that’s why we offer both DVD and digital files for your tape transfers!


For more information click here: Preserving Sweet Memories Portfolio.  Click on Home Video Transfers and then on the associated photos.

Wedding receptions, family gatherings and parties--featuring  unique, fun props and accessories collected over the past 30 years. We also offer a Roving Photographer for your gatherings.

We create memorable photo shoots and candid photos for weddings, parties and family gatherings. Using fun and unique props collected after years of theatrical shenanigans, these photo shoot pictures will evoke a smile from anyone! We also offer photo shoots without props.


For more information click here: Preserving Sweet Memories Portfolio.  Click on Sweet Photo Booth and then on the associated photos.

We'll restore your cherished family pictures, including rips, discoloration or dust and scratch removal.

We were visiting a Southern plantation adorned with beautiful portraits of “nobody we know.” At least that's what the tour guide said. We don't want our loved ones to be in that category. We want to dig up those great pictures of dad in his sailor outfit and grandmother at her nursing school graduation. Our photo restoration allows us to “heal” any tears or blemishes like dust marks or discoloration. Then you can get those cherished pictures in a frame and help everyone know your family members by name. Call or email us for a custom quote.


For more information click here: Preserving Sweet Memories Portfolio.  Click on Photo Restoration and then on the associated photos.

Pricing for our services is listed below.  Keep scrolling down or click here to jump there.


I would highly recommend JamJar Studio. Handing over 36+ tapes of our children’s lives could have been scary. But we felt comfortable with John Copeland and his professionalism and technical knowledge. We and our children are thrilled beyond words with what John did for us! What a relief to know he was able to preserve our video memories before it was too late.

Christie Self

The movies transferred to the hard drive and DVDs have been the best present!!! It could not have come at a better time. My dad recently passed away and so I grabbed them on the way out the door and showed them to everyone at Christmas and the funeral. It was perfect. Thank you so very much!

Lori Droppers

Five Star Review!!! Using JamJarStudio made the party fun, fun, fun! Shout out to Laurie and John Copeland for a job well done. I’m so glad we decided to hire JamJarStudio for my son’s graduation party. Using their unusual and unique props, Laurie skillfully directed us to produce some fun and memorable photos. They totally exceeded my expectations! I love the professional photo shoot look of the pictures and the photo strips handed to each guest right away. It allowed me to visit with the other guests while knowing everyone was having a great time dressing up and taking pictures.

Thank you JamJarStudio for being the life of the party!!!

Renee Matthews


*Tapes longer than 2 hours will be divided across multiple DVDs and priced in 2 hour increments.  Example: If you have a 6 hour tape we will divide the video across 3 DVDs and your cost will be $48 (3 x $16 per 2 hour segment).


**Tapes longer than 2 hours will be transferred to a single digital file and priced in 2 hour increments.  Example: Tapes between 121 minutes and 240  minutes (2:01 - 4 hours) will be $28.  Tapes between 241 minutes and 360 minutes (4:01 - 6 hours) will be $42.


Bring JamJar Studios PHOTO BOOTH SERVICES to your wedding, party or family gathering! We create memorable photo shoots, using our unique props collected from years of theatrical shenanigans. These pictures will evoke loads of laughs from everyone! And, as you can see in our photos shown, this can also double as a serious professional photo session of your special someone.

The Simple Party Package: 1 hour of picture-taking. Single shot pictures available online only. Props included. $150. Great for graduation/birthday/retirement/Christmas parties, family reunions, etc.

The Premium Party Package: 2 hours of picture-taking. Pictures printed onsite on a photo booth strip of four pictures. Props included. $350. Great for significant birthdays and other celebrations.

The Wedding Package: 3 hours of picture taking. Pictures printed onsite on a photo booth strip of four pictures. Props included. $500.

Roving Candids Photographer: $75 an hour.

The fine print:

Our travel area is a 90 minute radius from Longwood, FL, 32750 (metro Orlando)

Travel expense of up to $75 may be charged, if event is outside the 407 area code. Please contact us for a travel quote.

An extra $50 will be charged, for each group of 50 over 150 people.

SLIDE SCANNING - 50 cents per slide - $12 minimum order

We will scan your 35mm, 110 format, 126 format and 35mm Super slides at 3600 dpi and adjust exposure, color correct, remove dust & scratches and ensure that each image is properly aligned.  Each slide will be converted to a digital file that can be viewed on your computer, tablet, smartphone or television.

HOME VIDEO TRANSFERS - Starting at $14

Tape to DVD - $16 per tape, up to 2 hours*

Tape to Digital File - $14 per tape, up to 2 hours**

Tape to DVD & Digital File - $20 per tape, up to 2 hours


Please contact us for a custom quote





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Photo Restoration



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